About this blog

What’s different about this blog?

I have an agenda. I want to challenge creative people and marketing agencies to re-evaluate what they produce. It is my belief that marketing agencies, as well as individual creative practitioners, have a blind spot when they produce creative work. I call this overlooked and potentially profitable part of the creative process creative territory.

Creative territory is a well-worn phrase in marketing. I am, however, using it in a specific sense. I see creative territory something that informs the brand, as well as campaigns and indivudal concepts. An analogy that works for me is that creative territory is a theatre set with carefully-selected props, backdrop and lighting. The brand is the actor’s character. The creative concept is what this character does and says on stage.

My commentary therefore comes from a different perspective. It looks at the backdrop of unspoken assumptions and unexplained decisions that lie behind the marketing creativity we are exposed to. Deciding on creative territory is something that is done instinctively by creatives working in marketing and advertising. Drawing these assumptions into the light, yields some surprising results.  And will provide a method of challenging ourselves to do better work.

Why am I writing it?

I work with London agencies as a freelance copywriter and creative director. I choose to be freelance so I can pursue independent creative projects.  This gives me the unusual perspective of having regular involvement in the nitty-gritty of agency life with the ability to step outside to consider the position of marketing in the wider context of the arts and business.

I am good at noticing patterns in how people think, and this blog is intended to share that insight.


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