Peter Kenny The Writer Ltd.

If you need extraordinary creative work I am an elite writer and conceptual thinker for hire.

  • An exceptional writer. I work in advertising agencies, and have direct clients, as a sought after copywriter and creative leader.
  • An original thinker in the marketing arena. I am a marketing maverick. I think agencies frequently deliver timid, predictable solutions to their clients. I want to challenge creative people and marketing agencies to re-evaluate what they produce. It is my belief that marketing agencies, as well as individual creative practitioners have a blind spot when they produce creative work – and I aim to fix this.
  • An empathetic communicator. I am drawn to work where empathy is required. Writing patient materials for pharmaceutical clients and agencies, for example. I have recently worked with inVentiv Health London, Gray Healthcare Group and TBWA. As a founding board member of Rapp Healthcare I also pioneered pharmaceutical brands, and shaped the direction of copy content and tone for several pharma giants.
  • Hugely experienced agency creative. I’ve also worked with clients in most sectors, including automotive, charity, financial, FMCG, IT manufacturing, pharmaceutical, tourism, travel and manufacturing.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.


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