I have been collaborating with composer Helen Russell since 2015, providing words for an opera, which we’ve based on The Centaur a short story by Jose Saramago.  We are still in the writing process, but we will be promoting the idea more fully in due course.

Helen Russell at the piano

Recordings and performances


A Return to Sarnia (2014) by Chiara Beebe, based on my poem A Return was performed by The Guernsey Sinfonietta as part of the Terra Nova concert of new and modern music in St. Peter Port Guernsey.

Recording: A Return to Sarnia


Peter Kenny and Chiara Beebe.


Peter Kenny and Matthew Pollard
Peter Kenny and Matthew Pollard photo by Adrian Turner.

Clameur – The Collaborations of Matthew Pollard & Peter Kenny vol.1  (2012) . The Pollard & Kenny album ‘Clameur’ records This concert will fall in love with you, Clameur and Minotaur. The recording also features Glen Capra (piano), Cem Muhurrem (violin), Tom Norrell (marimba) and Adam Bushell (vibraphone, marimba).

Stream it on Spotify by clicking here.



This concert will fall in love with you by Matthew Pollard and Peter Kenny, premiered by the Tacet Ensemble in the Brighton Festival fringe 2010. Composer Matt Pollard and I were inspired by the idea that music could be haunted by a speaking voice, able to conduct a direct and passionate love affair with the audience.

Recordings: Two tracks from Clameur

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