Dark Fiction

Dark fiction short stories

  • The Dream Home (2019) The Frogmore Papers 94 
  • The Inheritor (2019) Supernatural Tales 41
  • What You Look For (2019) in Horla the home of intelligent horror
  • The Dark Fish (2018) in Horla the home of intelligent horror
  • A Little Quiet Time (2005) Quantum Muse 
  • Coelacanth, (2004) Far Sector  

Writing as Skelton Yawngrave dark, dystopian, magical and funny fiction for children aged 9-12.

  • Magnificent Grace (October 2019). A dark fiction story for children aged 9-12. Have Grace’s parents been brainwashed? Ever since they joined the grey cult they have been angry at the world.  A scientific twelve-year-old, Grace records her observations in a turquoise notebook. But when her writing is discovered, Grace’s own parents betray her. Taken to the sinister Charcoal House, Grace remains defiant. Escaping with Rick, the cult leader’s unhappy son, she reaches Yawngrave Tower, a weird castle with even weirder inhabitants. But can Grace and her new friends hold out against the grey siege? And is Rick really on her side? Only when the battle starts does Grace learn the truth about who she can trust.

13 Pete and Skelly



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