UK Department of Health, change 4 life campaign

There’s a lot I like about the change 4 life campaign. It is deliberately childish and non-threatening – but stealthily delivers quite a hard message about the obesity timebomb. And its strapline of eat well, move, live longer is direct and no nonsense.

It use of animation eliminates the that doesn’t look like me syndrome – and appeals to everyone. The much loved Tony Hart died just a couple of days ago, and his Morph figure was clearly the model for these primary coloured characters, which lends the commercial a vague familiarity to its UK audience.

You’re driven to a website by “search online for change 4 life” which was a good way of replacing a URL too. On the site, you have to register before you get too far. Obvious pitfalls are avoided, and it isn’t over gimmicky. Pleasingly it doesn’t play the fear card too strongly, and instead focuses on what can positively and realistically be done.

I’m interested to hear how successful this campaign is.

Below Morph, and the change4life ad.

By Peter Kenny

I lead a double life. Identity #1. A writer of poems, comedy plays, dark fiction and the odd libretto. Identity #2: A marketing outlier, working with London creative agencies and my own clients as a copywriter and creative consultant.

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