The end of the affair

And so… Now that the dust has settled after This concert will fall in love with you. It went very well, with standing ovations and a determination from Matt and I to do it all again, and soon. Frankly I enjoyed dressing up too. I like the whole Victorian melodrama look I went for, despite the purple cummerbund sliding off me during the last performance.

A completely amazing experience for me, who’d never worked with the musicians of the calibre of The Tacet Ensemble before, and I loved every second of it. I was pleased with my own performance, especially on the last night. It has been a long while since I put myself so firmly centre stage, and I have to say it felt great.

From a marketing perspective I learned loads about promoting a concert, which is something I’d never done before. Lots of people who came were alerted through Facebook. However this is clearly means your friends know about it, and doesn’t necessarily create a new audience. Also putting on a show in the middle of Brighton Festival meant that there was so much marketing activity that the (comparatively) last minute press releases and so on I sent out were ignored. While flyering generally felt like adding more litter to the piles of promotional material that filled every nook and cranny in all the pubs and cafes and shops in Town.

Matt and I are planning further collaborations, and we have already discussed our options. So watch this space.

Below a snap by Jane Wrin from the final night.

By Peter Kenny

I lead a double life. Identity #1. A writer of poems, comedy plays, dark fiction and the odd libretto. Identity #2: A marketing outlier, working with London creative agencies and my own clients as a copywriter and creative consultant.

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