The Toad and The Donkey

Just a quick update to say that I received a note from Geraint Jennings that his book with Jan Marquis ‘The Toad and the Donkey’ is now published. More information here.

Here is an excellent poem in Channel Island French by Geraint, and its translation below.

À ces sé

La lueu du rêsèrveux blyînque blianche au bliu du sé;
lé couochant lanche des pétales d’rose sus les côtis.
Du haut du mont jé d’vale – l’alanchie dans l’èrfliet
d’la mathe tchi m’fliatte atout eune fliotte dé caûques-souôthis.

Et j’pâsse par des fôssés endgèrrués en nièr,
entouortilyis dé veîl’yes dé r’lié et d’amèrdoux.
Les rêvacheurs d’la niet en vithevardant d’travèrs
ont voltilyi par ‘chîn, par là – des vielles d’avoût.

La batt’tie d’ches néthes ailes a libéthé man tchoeu:
rôdant les c’mîns à la r’vèrdie, j’touônne en ouéthou.
Les pétales sont pouôrries et n’yées dans la nièrcheu;
les caûques-souothis ont chuchi l’rouoge d’la séthée d’v’lous.

Tout veint à fîn: un jour, un c’mîn, un tchoeu tchi bat,
les dreines lueuthes d’eune séthée, man soûffl’ye et man suffat.

This evening

The light of the reservoir blinks white in the blue of the evening;
the sunset throws rose petals on the côtils.
From the top of the hill I descend – diving into the reflection
of the pool which caresses me with a flock of bats.

And I pass by the hedgerows overgrown blackly with ivy,
entwined with field bindweed and woody nightshade.
The dreamers of the night zigzagging across my path
have fluttered here and there – summer whirlwinds.

The beating of these black wings has freed my heart:
roaming the roads at dusk, I turn into a shapeshifting spirit.
The petals are rotten and drowned in the darkness;
the bats have sucked the red from the velvet evening.

Everything comes to an end: a day, a road, a beating heart,
the last tatters of an evening, my breath and my burden.

By Peter Kenny

I lead a double life. Identity #1. A writer of poems, comedy plays, dark fiction and the odd libretto. Identity #2: A marketing outlier, working with London creative agencies and my own clients as a copywriter and creative consultant.

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