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Hear ‘A Return to Sarnia’ by Chiara Beebe

Very happy to hear from Chiara Beebe who sent me a live recording made in Guernsey last August of the Guernsey Sinfonietta’s premiere of her piece ‘Return to Sarnia’. The words of which were based on a poem I wrote about the island in my early twenties – more or less the same age Chiara was when she wrote this.

This recording was made at the premiere, which was conducted by Sebastian Grand and sung by Casey-Joe Rumens. Sarnia is one of the old names for Guernsey, and Chiara’s piece culminates in a yearning phrase from Sarnia Cherie, which is Guernsey’s unofficial island anthem.

What do you think?

And PS: here’s the original poem, or how it looked when it was being driven around the island in a bus a few years ago. It also appeared in the book written with my pal Richard Fleming called A Guernsey Double.

A return

Peter Kenny & Chiara Beebe
With Chiara in Guernsey last August.


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‘A Return to Sarnia’ has its premiere

Peter Kenny and Chiara Beebe

Chiara Beebe’s piece A Return To Sarnia, was given its premiere by the Guernsey Sinfonietta on Wednesday 6th August in St Peter Port’s Town Church. It was conducted by Sebastian Grand, and featured an authoritative young baritone Casey-Joe Rumens.

It was spellbinding.  It made my hair stand on end. It was an amazing thing to hear something I wrote when I was 21 being so intuitively interpreted decades later, and transformed beyond my wildest expectations.

Featuring a strong cello part, trumpets, strings and voice the piece managed to combine mystery with an emotional clarity, which gave it great power. For me it was an unforgettable experience.

Just 22, I think Chiara has an intriguing future, and I am flattered that at this stage of her career she used one of my poems.