local radio

So I toddled off to talk about male childlessness to Allison on the Allison Fearns show on BBC Sounthern Counties radio. Her show is very chatty and fluid, responding to daily news items and mixes gossip with more informative stuff, and she is a good broadcaster.

It’s all very casual of course, when you turn up you are bundled quickly into studio, and then you’re out again. Time management is obviously vital for them. And I represented a walking half an hour of content. I was ready to chat with an idea I had put forward to discuss, and I really enjoyed myself doing it.

It was a good reminder that there are lots of local radio shows all over the place looking for content. So if you have your own business, it is well worth proposing you talk about your area of expertise on the radio. It’s a good way of creating awareness in what you do, and getting your name known.

I’m on the radio

I will be on BBC Southern Counties Radio Tomorrow Wednesday 1st October, talking about childlessness. on the Allison Fearns show. Probably be on a little after 2.00PM UK time, which is GMT +1.

For a live stream click through here.