AnotherSun Recordings

I appear to have launched a record label.

I never saw that coming!

The Shakespeare Trio

Well my pals The Shakespeare Trio have just released their first CD. The band is made up of Dipak Chanda and Richard Gibson, as well as the ghost of Shakespeare of course who provides all their lyrics. Like all brilliant ideas, Richard’s notion of setting all the sonnets of Shakespeare seems to be rather a mad one at first. But with Dipak Chanda lending wonderful guitar work and with Shakespeare as their muse the project has grown from strength to strength.

I have another connection to The Shakespeare Trio, as they are labelmates of mine, or rather the Matthew Pollard & Peter Kenny collaboration of which readers of this blog are familiar on AnotherSun Recordings.

You can buy The Shakespeare Trio’s album on CDBaby. Meanwhile why not have a listen to a couple of their tracks for free here…