I’m off tomorrow to write about IT networking for a day. You never know what you will be asked to write about. But as the year closes two subjects I’ve dealt with this year stand out. One was describing – quite literally – sticking needles in people’s eyes to treat age related macular degeneration, the other was a job which forced me to thumb through the Bible for appropriate quotes for a church organisation’s material. I must admit I enjoyed thinking of myself as God’s own copywriter for a bit.

One thing’s clear: you never know what’s round the corner.

I’m getting there with my new business site too which will be linked to this blog. There are several bits that need to be improved – but I am having to reign in my perfectionism and desire to tinker. Sometimes you just have to get on with it. At times like this I think of W.H. Auden who said something to the effect that a poem can never be finished, only abandoned. Sometimes you’ve got to let go.