Gus Christie Glyndebourne piece

Here’s my piece on Gus Christie for ON TRACK. A very nice man he was too.


Lucky enough to get an interview with Gus Christie who is executive chairman at Glyndebourne, which will appear in Southern ON TRACK shortly. And a very nice man he was too.

I’d never been to Glyndebourne before, and it is in a beautiful area that made me think of Ralph Vaughan Williams and skylarks. We did the interview near a window, and swallows swooping through the courtyard kept catching my eye.

It turns out that Gus has a passion for wildlife, based on having studied Zoology at university, and having made wildlife documentaries for ten years. And our interview was largely about his efforts to make Glyndebourne a good deal more energy efficient using a wind turbine. He had a really unusual childhood, being brought up by the downs, with internationally famous artists from all over the world staying with his family. Glyndebourne was established by his grandparents, and was continued by his father. A real family business.

For me just being at Glyndebourne made me want to go to the opera again. I no opera buff, but have always enjoyed the experience. Something about the removed nature of Glyndebourne makes a perfect setting for sumptuous Operas.

I will post a link to the article here when it is published.