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Two favourites from Brighton’s Open Houses

Walking around Brighton’s open houses is a dangerous business. If money were no object (sadly not the case) I would return with sackfuls of ceramics, art pieces, and so on. Which is not to say that I don’t get a bit ho-hummish at all the ‘me-too’ stuff out there – such as enlarging small things like seedcases to make big ceramic pieces, or decorative black and white line drawings with an area of zingy colour. But in my brief two day walkabout with Lorraine (aka Mrs Kenny) I found two artists whose work I particularly warmed to.

Heike Roesel, is a fine art printmaker whose work Lorraine discovered last year. Perhaps it is because Heike is German that her patterned ornate work for me distantly echoes Paul Klee. She specialises in landscapes, of which there were many in the Open Houses. Heike’s work is different though, inspired by the scene and depicting landscapes psychologically rather than just reproducing them in familiar styles. How her work sits on the page, is often highly-graphical too, for example some pieces appear islanded in not-quite-circles in the middle of the page. So are intriguing even when glimpsed from afar.

The one below, called UP is taken from her very good up smallAnother artist whose work I adored (sadly the very last thing I saw, so was skint) was Julie Snowball. I thought her ceramics of Nomadic Ladies, apparently inspired by Gustav Klimt (although they made me think of figures in Max Ernst’s paintings too) were utterly gorgeous. Here’s an image I stole from her website. Beautiful, and unlike any other ceramic work I had seen.