If I have learned anything from Defenders of Guernsey it is not to rush out a publication. Just before I went to bed last night I noticed a complete howler in the printed text. It is a scene where Archibald is explaining to Skelton about the geography of the channel islands. Now I could draw you the geography of the channel islands blindfolded. A brain glitch made me type west instead of east, so I had Herm and Sark to the west of Guernsey and Jersey to the south-west. Where of course Herm and Sark are to the east, and Jersey to the south-east.

A completely inexplicable mistake. Given that one of the whole reasons for the book was to make it authentic this makes me feel a complete chump. Luckily as the first print run is almost gone, I think I will reprint with corrections.

Hugely embarrassing though.