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Richard Fleming’s magnificent poem for the BBC: La Gran’mère du Chimquière

I feel very proud of my friend Richard Fleming this week. As the best poet on Guernsey, Richard was recently approached by the BBC to write a poem for the National Poetry Day. The poem, La Gran’mère du Chimquière read by Richard, should be – must be – listened to here. Drop in at the 41 minute mark or a smidge before.

In 2010 Richard and I released a collection of poems about Guernsey called A Guernsey Double, and in it there are a few attempts by Richard and I to nail the significance of the menhir La Gran’mère du Chimquière. However in this new poem Richard has succeeded in a way neither of us has managed before, and has created a poem of magnificent sweep and stature, that may just be the single best poem ever written about the island.

Not only is this a spellbinding, poem, but it is also a wonderful piece of radio too. A heartfelt reading by Richard capturing a charged silence and the obviously moved reaction of Guernsey’s much-loved presenter Jenny Kendall-Tobias, and fellow writer Jane Fleming, Richard’s lovely wife. Jenny is the most consistently supportive broadcaster for literature in the island, and it is fitting that she and Richard and Jane created this amazing moment of radio, one  that the whole island should be proud of.

Here are two photos of Richard. One looking relaxed, and the other, a snap the pair of us with the La Gran’mère back in 2010, with Richard looking heroic and haunted by a future muse.


Richard Fleming’s Strange Journey on the BBC

My pal Richard Fleming reading from his new book (after a quick discussion about dogs) on the Jenny Kendall-Tobias show on BBC Guernsey. from 3:08:50. You have seven days to listen…

JKT on BBC Guernsey

Richard Fleming and I will be on the JKT show on 12 May at 10:30am.

Jenny Kendall-Tobias always amazes me with the eclectic mix of subjects she effortlessly deals with from poetry to pig farming. Jenny been a true supporter of our work. I’m also looking forward to flirting with her again on air.

Back from the book Launch

Back from Guernsey now after a very successful book launch. Perhaps most enjoyably we managed to get on BBC Guernsey with Jenny Kendall-Tobias twice. She’s an excellent radio host and a lovely woman, and we did an entire two hour show with her. What we couldn’t have predicted was that she loved our work.

The book launch itself very successful too, and we were introduced by Jane Mosse who did a perfect job, and the event was hosted in The Greenhouse in St Peter Port – and we signed dozens of books right away. There is a buzz about seeing your book in a shop window, in this case The Guernsey Press shop, where we did a signing the next day.

Online, a the first edition of A Guernsey Double is currently available from — and before too long it will be on Amazon too.

Below Richard and JKT in our first BBC interview, me in reception, a book display.

Launching a Guernsey Double

Flying to Guernsey tomorrow, and while there will be launching A Guernsey Double. Really looking forward to this a great deal.

Richard Fleming and I will be on BBC Radio Guernsey at 10:00am on the 1st July, interviewed I think by Jenny Kendall-Tobias. Then at 5:30pm we will do a launch reading at The Greenhouse, St Peter Port. 2nd July we will be in the Guernsey Press Shop in St Peter Port doing a book signing between 1-2pm. And then a beer may be called for.

Radio streamed live here at 10:00 on July 1st, which should feature an interview with Richard Fleming and me.