Newsflash: winning is nice

I love the challenge of being asked into an agency to work on a pitch. I was called last week to say that work I had done with resident art director guru Keith Hardy before and after Christmas won a tidy pharma pitch for my chums at Grey Healthcare on an eye health product.

I surprise myself by liking to work on pitches against other agencies so much as I used to think of myself as not particularly competitive. I jokingly blame my brother for traumatising me when we played together as kids. He had two modes: win or die (or at least explode with rage). Winning never seems quite so important to me, and part of me hated to see my younger brother so devastated. (It has to be noted that his death or glory approach did seem to work though, and I seemed to remember him winning more than me).

Something happens when I work in a team however. These ridiculous inhibitions about competing are bypassed and I get a tremendous kick out of seeing my creative thinking spun out into anything from iPad apps to billboards.

And there is something else I have to admit. Being a gracious loser is all well and good, but winning is a great tonic for the soul sometimes.