impartiality and the BBC

Just listened to an interview with the mealy mouthed director general of the BBC Mark “the corporation cannot be seen to support one view or another of the conflict” Thompson. The BBC’s usually justified claims for impartiality were in reality upheld by John Humphrys. Thompson’s evasions and blatant inconsistencies revealed in this interview were frankly an embarrassment. The BBC, as Humphrys pointed out, is constantly broadcasting charity appeals. Thompson was unable to provide a convincing reason why this one was different. What was he hiding?

The situation in Gaza is a political minefield into which this blog will not stray. But I’m certain that the children picked injured from the rubble will have little or no understanding of its political niceties. A clear flag that the appeal from the Disasters Emergency Committee of 13 charities wasn’t necessarily the BBC’s line would have been enough. Its evasions are simply not good enough.