the vanity of hacks

A text from my friend Spooner: Are you a journo-whore now? alerted me to the fact that Southern On Track mag was now out. So on my way to work picked up a copy. I’ve got three photos (although nowhere near my best ones) in it too. It’s also online, and here are my interviews with Andrew Comben and Thurstan Crockett (as well as the bit on the wood slick).

Something lurks in the heart of most writers: the familiar little glow, and the vain pleasure of seeing your name in print. It’s happened many times over the years, and each time it feels good. I like it best when it’s by a printed poem or story. One thing about working for an agency is that, despite my stuff being seen by literally millions of people, you almost never get your name printed.

As I write, I have one more week to go helping out at my old agency – and after groundhog day feelings abated, and I find I’ve enjoyed being invited back to familiar surroundings. But I am champing at the bit to get on with lots of new projects as soon as the week’s up.