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A Glass of Nothing

Just wanted put something on here about a comedy I’m working on for the Brighton Fringe Festival next year. Last year I went to see a rehearsal for a production and grew fascinated by watching an actor drink endlessly from an empty glass. I wrote a bit about it here and now that random thought is turning into a production, a piece that will showcase the comedic chops of Beth Symons. We have an embryo Facebook page here.

Beth’s role is split into three sections, one of which keeps reminding me of Dame Edna Everage. I’ve always admired the way the Dame can talk down to an audience and yet still be utterly endearing. An amazing balancing act.

Also I’ve had to do some research of burlesque dancing, as Beth stipulated there might be a bit of burlesque in it. My knowledge of burlesque is minimal, but I quickly discovered the talents of a dancer called Pepper Sparkles, whose tribute to Marta Hari can be seen here and is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Watch this space, as they say…