Poems on the Buses, Guernsey

I lived in Guernsey as a child. It is my spiritual home which I still visit at least once a year.

Recently there has been a mini artistic revolution. Last year local writers have been encouraged to come out into the light, and have their work published in an initiative called Pens & Lens. This activity, much of which has been driven by Catriona Stares and local poets like Richard Fleming has lately resulted in poems on the buses.

It is so heartening to see this for all kinds of reasons. I published an inflammatory article about arts on the island about fifteen years ago (text here) challenging local people to be more proud about their culture. This was an item I deliberately designed to be galling.

These latest initiatives are nothing to do with me, of course, but I am really pleased to see them.

They have used several of my poems over the year. The one below is on the bus, and was written when I was 22. It is nice that a love letter I wrote to the island a long time ago has had this brief afterlife.

Below a poem on a bus. Click to enlarge.