Sarah Tanburn interview

The text of my interview with Sarah Tanburn can be found here.

Sarah Tanburn and snowy Merton

I recently interviewed Sarah Tanburn who is Director of Environment and Regeneration at the London Borough of Merton. I was fascinated by what Sarah told me about the relationship between travel links and the ability of an area to thrive. There is a correlation between poverty and being far from public transportation in London. I’ll post a link to the interview when it goes live. 
Also it was an interesting time to meet her. It was 5pm on the Friday of a week which had seen record amounts of snow. She had overall responsibility for the environment, and thus the snow, in the Borough. It must have been a tough week. She reminded me of her hardworking team who had to grit roads all night and other staff who turned up to keep essential services going, even not immediately obvious services, such as gravediggers. For Southern England this kind of weather is now quite freakish, and we’re simply not as geared up for it as Scandinavia, or even Scotland.