galactic symphonies

Having been introduced lately to the extremely likeable American poet, and Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys collaborator, Stephen J Kalinich in my local pub it seemed rude not to go to his performance with the guitarist Richard Durant of their collaboration “Galactic Symphonies” at the BHASVIC college.

I have to say I was blown away by what I saw and heard.

Richard Durrant’s playing was genuinely awe inspiring. It included a stunning performance of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint was jaw-droppingly good. I particularly liked the way he played his chaos pedals (did he really say that?) with his toes. His collaboration with Steve – Galactic Symphonies – was spot on too. I’ve sat through so many unhappy hybrids of poetry with music in my time that this was a revelation, each contributor adding to a fascinating whole.

Steve was great: twinkly eyed and weaving word spells. The show was augmented wonderfully by specially created artwork and video projections from Malcolm Buchanan-Dick.

Sadly this fabulous event was poorly attended, and under-publicised. But this was undoubtedly my highlight of the Brighton Festival so far.