Design Music

Wonderfully ingored


To be ignored by a piece of art is an amazing possibility. I came across this article in The Guardian about a book with facial recognition software built in. According to the article it is “Designed by Thijs Biersteker of digital entrepreneurs Moore has created a book jacket that will open only when a reader shows no judgment”.

I have always been attracted to the idea of a sentient piece of art. For example, when I wrote, with Matthew Pollard, the piece, This Concert Will Fall In Love With You, we envisaged a piece of music haunted by a sentience that was aware of its audience, which gradually became heartbroken as it realised that the music would end, and the audience leave. This interaction explicitly acknowledges the fact the audience exists and is listening.

I love the idea that a work of art can choose to withhold its engagement, to ignore you as a person might, really appealling.