Waitrose Autumn TV advert

So, call me a purist… But let me get this right. Some copy donkey saw fit to edit the first stanza of To Autumn by John Keats. And got Roger McGough, who should be ashamed of himself, to do the voice over, and seamlessly blend Keats into “enjoy all the delicious flavours of Autumn now. At Waitrose”.

The first line “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!” is left dangling. In post production someone removed rhythm, meaning and scansion, to let in a bit of music and linger over the visual cliches. But I am forgetting myself. This is to sell Waitrose not a dead poet.

So let’s waft a bit of Golden Brown by the Stranglers into the mix, while the banal film shows us fruit and veg (mellow fruitfulness geddit). It’s like, uh, leaves are golden brown, so the music seemed a good idea.

Yep that’s Golden Brown, which in Hugh Cornwell own words, is “about heroin and also about a girl… the song was about how my girlfriend and heroin both provided me with pleasurable times. The third verse is more about the feelings you have when taking heroin. When you smoke it or snort heroin you can still feel it in your body the next day.” (The Stranglers Song by Song p. 215).

Nice. Great going. Not often does an TV advert manage to trample on two works of art at the same time. Way to go Waitrose.