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How McDonald’s is losing the plot with Fresh Fruit Fridays

For cynical marketers a sustainability benefit is easy to find, and all kinds of organisations try to crowbar their product into what I call Green territory. However reluctantly an environment-threatening ingredient is removed, for example, you can soon be claiming your … Continue reading

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sustainability and rail travel

For the article I wrote about the Southern Railway’s booth of many wonders during the Brighton Festival – and its implications for sustainability- click here. At least I got a joke into it, which is pretty good going I’d say.

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One little booth, one giant leap for sustainability

There are some ideas which when viewed retrospectively sound obvious. For example, when Percy Shaw invented cats eyes in 1934 to help people drive in foggy conditions, nobody seemed much interested, till future Prime Minister Jim Callaghan took them up … Continue reading

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back On Track

Another interview this morning, for On Track. This time on the phone. Fortunately my interviewee Thurstan Crockett, Brighton’s Head of Sustainability Environmental Policy,was a former journalist and interviewed very well. When people are masters of their own brief, it is … Continue reading

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