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Rabbiting about The Warren

Beth and I went to the opening of the Warren theatre complex. A fabulous and buzzy atmosphere, good beers, and the unmistakable Fringe vibe. Frankly we’re buzzing too after seeing The Theatre Box where our show will be held. It is red and strangely compelling. And that’s just from the outside. Sipping … Continue reading

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Build it and they will come… we hope!

On the top deck of the bus, travelling to rehearsals yesterday, I took a blurry snap of people assembling The Warren where our show will be staged. Seeing The Warren being built, focuses the mind more than it would if it were a … Continue reading

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Home is where the hurt is

For someone who hates flying as much as I do, I seem to travel a lot. Countries as far apart as Mexico, Chad, and Japan have seen me emerge from the plane blinking in gratitude to the sky gods for my safe arrival, and … Continue reading

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Definitely cup half-full

Watching actors rehearsing your script is like being at a birth. Messy, noisy but rewarding too. Over the last few weeks in all kinds of venues (a big shout out to Brighton’s The Duke of Wellington where we have been using an … Continue reading

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Zooming in on drought

I should mention here that some of the work I was doing in Chad has now started to go live. The audience for this particular execution (below) is those watching faith channels on TV, particularly Evangelical Christians. After much discussion with … Continue reading

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A writer’s progress, in 3 machines

1: the mould green typewriter.   At first it was all pencil, fountain pen, biro and felt tip, until a mould green typewriter changed my life. It had belonged to my Canadian great-aunt and somehow found itself at our house in London. Plonking, one finger … Continue reading

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Tickets on sale for A Glass of Nothing

So I finally finished writing my play ‘A Glass of Nothing’. Quite handy really, as the first actor’s read through was on Saturday afternoon. Unlike Douglas Adams, I hate the whooshing sound deadlines make as they go by. In fact even thinking about … Continue reading

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Getting in ‘Under the Radar’

I’m not fantastic at the humblebrag tightrope. I either come across as bragging or too self-deferential. But damning the torpedoes… I have a poem in the latest Under the Radar magazine. It has an inviting and mysterious design for the cover and a … Continue reading

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Several years ago I had a feverish flu and was staying in a room where the only thing within reach of the bed was a book of Max Ernst’s fabulous paintings. I love Ernst anyway, and when I recovered I wrote … Continue reading

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I should introduce myself (at last)

Why on earth would you want to visit this site? This is a question that has been plaguing me lately. Personally I find ‘me me me’ blogs tiresome. Worse, I know I’ve been guilty of them too. So I thought it was … Continue reading

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