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The referendum viewed as marketing

The campaigns run by both sides in the recent referendum were failures. Here’s why. Remain – a classic negative campaign that backfired Remain vote’s tagline was Britain Stronger In Europe. At first glance this seems fair enough. But look again and you’ll see how extraordinarily passive it is. … Continue reading

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5 ways this HMRC marketing tactic is not okay

1. This is not okay because despite it being a threat to tax dodgers, its imagery unambiguously accuses you. It’s aim as a piece of marketing is to deliberately make you feel paranoid. 2. This is not okay because it is intrusive. This … Continue reading

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Five favourite marketing aliens

As Jim Morrison of The Doors sang, People are strange, when you’re a stranger. And you don’t get stranger than aliens. Here’s my list of top five aliens in British marketing. 1. The Argos Aliens. These aliens are useless boring … Continue reading

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HMRC undeclared income campaign

I encountered the new HMRC campaign for the first time this morning at a cashpoint. As I was waiting for my hard-earned cash to be vended, a pair of piercing blue eyes stared up at me from the screen, with … Continue reading

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