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Looking the other way: Paul Fusco and the power of implication in marketing

Paul Fusco is quoted in The Guardian this morning. In 1968, I was assigned by Look magazine to get on the train bearing Robert F Kennedy’s remains from New York to Washington DC. Barred from photographing the Kennedy family in … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of flogging stuff

In the frenzy of creating concepts to an agency deadline, invariably someone will propose a ‘Zen’ execution. Usually this can be attributed to a free-floating miasma of stress, or too much coffee. It is a knee-jerk idea that you see … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers – ‘My Butt’

I  caught this US ad for Weight Watchers on the Best ads site. What I like about it is that it refers to ‘my butt’. I worked on a campaign for an appetite suppressant drug, where a larger woman was … Continue reading

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Somersby Cider wobbling on the shoulders of a giant?

The Somersby Cider advert is funny, and quietly remarkable. For it relies on a knowledge of  Apple stores, and the Apple brand. It is no coincidence that Apple’s fanboys and fangirls are stuck to the flypaper of creative departments everywhere. … Continue reading

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The Barclays squirrel of postmodern irony

Postmodern irony is one of those terms whose meaning depends on which academic discipline the Hogwarts sorting hat chose for you. For our purposes, however, Postmodern irony stands for ironic self-reference and absurdity, and it is a territory that advertising … Continue reading

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Advertising is not Art

Once in a blue moon you will get a client who just wants to look fantastic, which gives creatives the opportunity they usually can only dream about. But however arty we get in advertising, what we produce is not art. For in advertising there … Continue reading

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Creative gulfs: UK, France and US

I have been working with two agencies lately. One is a French-owned agency, and I am writing English copy for French companies hoping to infiltrate the UK market. The other is a US-owned healthcare agency, where your creative ideas must … Continue reading

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